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Series Shri Mataji's Portraits

My first Shri Mataji's portrait was painted in 1992 after my dream. I gave it as a gift to Shri Mataji after the Guru puja in Cabella. Shri Mataji's comment was "Now you are your own guru!". I took it as a permission to continue painting Her Image. It was always a spontaneous process. There were a few portraits of Shri Mataji that I painted since 1992. It was always a kind of a Call. Some times I failed, sometimes the portraits came out well - I feel that I only partly participated in this process.

Series Cabella

Cabella is a typical Italian village in Liguria. I have been there many times and I love every corner of that place. Some villages are kind of sleeping but Cabella is very much alive because of the well maintain historical and cultural building of Palazzo that was a home of our Guru Shri Mataji and the growing community of Sahaja yogis shifting there. There are lots of inspiring subjects as green mountains and valleys, a river with stone bridges, beautiful old houses with pattina of time... I often take photos when I visit the place. Those photos I use as references for demo paintings when I have watercolor workshops.

Series Flower for Mother

I like painting flowers although it is not the main subject of my painting. I like when the sun light touches the delicate petals that throw transparent cast shadows. I enjoy the rich range of greens from Golden tints to dark Blues. I am fascinated by finding the diversity of those flowers' shapes and deeply grateful for the ability to depict and embody that beauty in many paintings.

Series Watercolor is Magical!