It's time to integrate Sahaj culture into world culture

All Sahaja Yoga training and practice worldwide is FREE.
The money raised for the art goes to the artists for their materials, time and shipping.

Nirmalaculture is a platform for:

  • accumulation and presentation of professional creativity of yogis, as well as acquaintance with each author;
  • attracting the attention of producers and gallery owners;
  • searching and purchasing of yogis’ works worldwide in a simple way.

Creators and their works
Created 2 years ago on Facebook, the SY ARTists of Light project brought together 1000 participants and 150 artists from 60 countries.
The “Hymn to the Light” exhibition of 25 artists from 12 countries took place in Kyiv at the festival dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Sahaja Yoga in Ukraine in 2019.
These events were the starting point for creating this website.

How it works

  • direct purchase of a work. The buyer can contact the artist via e-mail linked to the page on the website;
  • delivery at the expense of the buyer. The artist sends the work to the address specified by the buyer;
  • all financial issues are solved directly between the author and the buyer;
  • the site administration does not participate in contracts between the buyer and the seller;
  • the status of the purchased work will be changed only upon the artist’s request to the website administration
  • if this results in an interesting project that can bring attention to Sahaja Yoga, it will be possible to write about it in the blog. To do this, the artist will have to contact the website administration and provide the necessary materials.

Important! The Nirmalaculture website team consists of volunteers,
but the website needs some support.

For any transactions between the artist and the buyer, the artist, if desired, can support the operation of the site with a donation. There is no verification mechanism.

Become a member of the project
If you want to share your artwork, please, send an email to the following address with a note specifying which field of art you work in:

We will send you a questionnaire to fill out and requirements for submitting the materials.
Important. If your works are at the intersection of different arts, we will create a new section!
We are looking for curators who will represent the art of their country.
If you have a desire to represent your country on the website, contact the authors and provide information on the website, we are waiting for you!

Join us! We will get to know each other and the world will know about us!
It’s time to fill the Earth’s culture with vibrations of Light and Love!

the Nirmalaculture team.