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Ocean and Shri Mataji In White Sari

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CREATION, the Eternal Play

Since its publication in 2013, The Book of Adi Shakti has proven to be one of the foundational books in Sahaja Yoga. Carefully edited from unpublished manuscripts and illustrations, we have a book from Shri Mataji’s own hand. “I hope to write some book on Sahaja Yoga,” she once said. “The whole knowledge will be dawned upon you. You will have a meaning and you will understand.”

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Locations directory and information about Sahaja Yoga centers worldwide

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Cabella's View By Ezio, Photo

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CABELLA: Sahaja Universe amidst Italian mountains

The Cabella SahajaUniverse exists in reality. It is situated in Val Borbera, a valley of the Borbera River, in the Apennine between Milan and Genoa, North Italia. Here is the…

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