“My ideal artist is someone who brings a bit of the magic of heaven down to earth by making it visible or perceptible. Meditation has allowed me time and again to touch a heavenly state of bliss and joy!”

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Series Book illustrations. Flower Children

The illustrations were made in 2010 and were meant to illustrate a children’s’ book by Sia Reddy about a seed and its journey towards becoming a flower. The book was never published, but the writer and I will make efforts to pick up the project again.     In the beginning the seed called Mika is still with its mother flower - a daisy. One day she says that the time has come for the seed to become a flower. So the wind carries Mika away. The seed (or flower child) enjoys the whirling ride on the wind and lands on a rock. The rock urges the seed to move on. Next Mika falls in the water. The water urges the seed to move on for it will not be able to grow into a flower in the water. The waves carry Mika to the shore. There he is warmed and dried by a fire. Finally after travelling with the wind for a long time the wind dropped little Mika on the Mother Earth. She covered him with layers of earth for him to sleep and rest and finally in spring to grow out of the earth to become a beautiful daisy himself. The story symbolises the journey of the human soul from complete spiritual union to being separated, roaming about the earth in a potential state (the seed), gathering experience, being helped by the elements and finally having one’s second birth with the help of Mother Earth and becoming again the flower, the spiritually elevated being that one originally was.