Chiara Pignotti, Top, Photo

Chiara Pignotti has a PhD in Art, Research and Production.
She works as an art teacher and jewellery maker in Gothenburg. She is member of Lerverk Gallery and KKV, The Artists’ Collective Workshop, where she use the casting workplace for create her jewellery. Chiara likes to combine techniques in jewellery, illustration and printing in her artistry. Her artistic works has been exhibited in Italy, Spain, Mexico, Germany, USA and Japan.
Chiara has previously worked with researcher and lecturer within the Art Faculty at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain.

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Chiara Pignotti, Portret 450x450-CHIARA1, Photo



Series Bestiary

The Bestiary project was born from my first stay in Mexico, 2009, inspiraired from the indigenous Mexican art, full of imaginary animals. Equally Mexican tradition is the art of woodblock printing that I combine in experimental way with lost wax casting. The result is this series of small works that can be printed in both paper and silver. As in an alchemical process, the graphic image is transformed into a noble metal as it comes out of the painting and can be worn as a jewel.

Series InAnime

I lived for years in the magic and sacred land crossed by the Borbera river. I walked for a long time looking at its stones, without ever returning home empty-handed. You can found some stone perfectly segmented into two parts: a vision for me of the most poetic. I therefore had the desire to recompose these lost unions by reconstructing the invisible interconnections existing between their parts. Even if they are only the fruit of my imagination that lets itself be carried away by the shapes that the stone suggests (and sometimes demands) ... ... after all, it is not certain that everything that cannot be seen does not exist.

Series Inbloom. Fiori di Valenza

Nature is a living force capable of adapting and regenerating. As when a city is abandoned and there, in a short time, nature takes it over, inhabits it, assimilates it to itself, covering it with its wild and fresh beauty. In the same way, here, from the prong setting of disused jewels with no more diamonds, forms of leaves are born and wrap and enhance them, showing a renewed beauty, giving them a new flowering.