CRISTIANE-RODRIGUES-with-banner, Photo — NirmalaCulture

My childhood religious background was Catholicism, encouraged by an aunt. At the age of 20, I started to have contact with art teachers that had a broader view of spirituality, so I became interested in some topics related to religions inside Indian Culture. Then, I started my search for my true essence: had very short contacts with some esoteric doctrines, and, reading some books about Buddha, I started to meditate. When I was 23 years old, I went to a Shri Mataji’s lecture in person, and a year later I started attending the collective.

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CRISTIANE-RODRIGUES-1-2, Photo — NirmalaCulture


Series Prayers to the Gods

After some time of practicing meditation, Sri Mataji became my source of inspiration. I felt the desire to explore oriental motifs in my paintings. So I started painting gods and mandalas. I follow the Western-style in the image of the Gods to give them more familiar features, perhaps subconsciously connecting the viewer with the incomparably rich and ancient universe of Indian culture.

Series Equilíbrio entre eixos

The axis, an allusion to the urban division of Brasilia into two symmetrical sides, can also be the center around which the duality of existence itself revolves in search of balance, in search of the route that will keep us on a path of peace.

Series Acordes

Once again the harmony is present, only now in the musical notes. Chords also make us wake up from the sleep of our own existence, make us wake up to the musicality of life and provide the right tone and tuning for the most significant experiences. As the composer would say, "to live is to tune the instrument from the inside out, from the outside in".

Series I see flowers in you

I like to use this theme to make a reference to people's self-esteem, seeing the good side of each one, in a link that refers to genuine and spontaneous empathy.