I paint to learn the dance of life

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Series We are cells in the body of that Great Being

“After all we are all human beings created by one God, on one Earth, in complete unison. We are part and parcel of that One Primordial Being. We are cells in the body of that Great Being.” S. M. N Devi


Series Madonna

Series Re-Forest Exhibition

I grew up climbing trees, eating fruit on my feet. In squares, farms, farms, parks, backyards... They are part of me. I traveled along the roads enchanting me with forests, scrublands, caatingas... in so many shapes and compositions! Even in big cities, my eyes dance along its branches, crossing and breaking through concrete walls. I like to go your way and remember that there is heaven beyond the tallest buildings. To imagine its roots, seeking, deep in the earth, its strength. I always planted trees. I use a pencil, pen, brush... I plant on canvas, paper, napkins since I understand myself by people. I also planted seeds and saw the miracle of life-changing shape and size, guided by the work of a great mystery! Planting trees is resisting the desert. It is to build meaning, in tune with the land. It is to exist together with every tree that grows, taking root in the ground and opening up towards the sky. It is to be part of this process, which as it deepens, also rises. 'Re-afforested' is to review our relationship with the environment and with our own nature, it is relearn the patience creative. It's reinventing, guided by the strength of our own roots. The exhibition Refloresta was born from the love I cultivate for trees. Of the certainty of the power that exists in each seed! From the desire to see the green grow which, in all its forms, smells and tones, fills the eyes, lives and hearts, making springs of pure water reborn.

Series Letters to the Blue Boy

We live in a unique moment in human history. We see the world through the screens, and it seems distant and unreal. But if we look closely, we can see that we are children of the same mother, called Gaia, Pacha Mama, Terra, among so many names. We need her to live. It's time to wake up to the planetary consciousness: collective and environmental. This is a time for learning. Suddenly, a being, (alive or not?) that we can't even see with the naked eye, placed all of humanity in seclusion, facing inwards. It's time to do some internal cleaning. Only then will we have the dignity to open our windows and doors to the world, to the other. Toquemos other songs, instruments, other hearts! May we be able to see through the windows of other eyes, see other colors and dance, all together, the dance of life! The Letters for the Boy Blue exhibition brings a dream to pictorial reality. The dream of equality, collectivity, tolerance, love. Inspired initially by Brazilian and American music and poetry, it is a letter to our inner child, eternally free from prejudice, safe and happy, and for that very reason, universal.

Series SHRI GANESHA - art of the sacred land

I am painting Shri Ganesha, a Hindu deity who represents innocence, joy, spontaneity, purity, respect for the Mother, gravity and many other qualities in us and in the world. In all the works he is painted with the red earth of Olhos D`água, Goiás. This is a sacred land, which emits intense vibrations. The background of the paintings and the details are painted in acrylic. Hope you like it.

Series Sweet Lord Krishna

Series The Masters Of Void

The Primordial Master is a "synthetic" incarnation of the innocence of Brahma (the one who creates), Vishnu (the one who preserves), and Shiva (the one who destroys in order to rebuild). The Master's location in our body corresponds to the void in the parasympathetic system, between the vagus nerve and the solar plexus. We must render all filial devotion and obedience to the Primordial Master, who is the enlightened guide. The Vahana (vehicle, helper) of the Guru is the dog, affectionate, obedient and faithful animal. When the Guru principle awakens in the realized being, it acquires gravity, that is, magnetism, and emits vibrations of authority and dignity.