I spent a lot of time working on Shri Mataji’s houses as a Golden Builder.

Installed various ornamental plasterwork in Pallazzo Doria, Cabella Ligure, Italy, including cherubs above reception main entrance hall.

Shri Mataji is the ultimate interior designer and artist. She was always spontaneous and Her ideas would fill one with enthusiasm and excitement. My artwork is spontaneous, with a desire to give joy and thoughtless awareness to the beholder. Whatever is created is for Her, to sing Her glory. Shri Mataji is the inspiration of inspirations.

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Series Blue Period Divine Mother

In awe of Your wondrous beauty, the whirling planets, stars and galaxies, silently align to become Your eternal Garland (Your eternal garland). Most Beautiful and Adorable Mother, Garlanded with Stars (Shri Nakshatramalin).

Series Eternal Puja in the Heart

Shri Ganesha’s Guidance to the Eternal Puja in the Heart.

Series Spontaneous and Joyful Visions of the Divine Mother (RED)

Series Present Moment

Series Various works

Series Warli Style Painting