Oleg Mayorov, AVTOR-TOP-WEB2, Image — NirmalaCulture

I try to make vivid things for living souls. And I quite agree with William Blake: Eternity is in love with the productions of time, – art serves to manifest the eternity in the transient, existence in everyday life, the spirit in matter – meaning in the meaningless…

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Oleg Mayorov, MAYOROV-450-2, Photo — NirmalaCulture


Series The icons of New Age

For a modern person, it is typical to watch icons depicting holy faces of great personalities of the ancient times. In these pictures, I have managed to paint a portrait of an equally great personality, contemporary to our era, with the even more audacious intention of stating that the dignity of these portraits is akin to the meaning of an icon, namely, worship. Worship of the supreme principle of Being - His Motherly Initiation.

Series The Spiritual Traveler

These works have become attempts of the author to define the meaning of his life. Did the author succeed in defining the meaning of his life? - Let art answer this question.

Series The house of wandering dove

"Let your house not be an anchor, but a sail," once wished his readersKhalilJabran. The House of the Wandering Dove is from this category. It does not connectits owners to a single plot of land, for it has the rare ability, rare for real estate, to appear suddenly, without the expenditure of time or energy, in a variety of places, following the free imagination of its owner. Drop by and let's discover it all together)

Series Pencils’ box

It is generally accepted that genres such as fantasy, esotericism, religious art are used for attempts to express the ineffable mysteries of the universe... In this series of drawings, the author has made an attempt to capture, say reflect these mysteries in everyday life. To recognise a higher, eternal Being in a mere mortal existence. To discover the infinite Universe in a small box of pencils.