2023 - celebrations 100th Birth Anniversary of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
So this culture of the Spirit doesn’t change. It’s universal, and is higher than any other culture. Apart from that, it integrates all the essences of all the cultures.
Nirmala Shrivastava
Location: Chhindwara
So in this culture of ours we are not bothered about superficial things. What we are bothered about is our inner cleanliness, inner beauty
Nirmala Shrivastava
Location: Ganapatipule
Because the culture has a part of the pure spirit in itself. It is based on the light of the spirit. The origins of our culture is to do with great seers, great saints, the real ones.
Nirmala Shrivastava
Location: Dharamsala
So that is how, our culture is going to be such that we will express complete peace within ourselves. Now, the second part of our culture has to be Bliss.
Nirmala Shrivastava
Location: Cabella Ligure

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Here are some collected works of authors created in meditation.
This culture is based on the light of pure spirit.
It is universal and inside every person – a culture of purity,
inner peace, joy and spiritual inspiration.
Join the field of universal culture with a self-realization experience.
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What is Sahaja Yoga?

Sahaja Yoga is a method of meditation that takes you beyond mental, emotional, and physical activity and allows you to experience the true self which lies within. In Sanskrit, Sahaja means ‘born with’ ('Saha' is with, 'ja' is born), and Yoga means union. The name, therefore, translates to ‘the union which one is born with.’

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Ocean and Shri Mataji In White Sari

CREATION, the Eternal Play

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Cabella's View By Ezio, Photo

CABELLA: Sahaja Universe amidst Italian mountains

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